Gabriela Sabatini Doubts that Tennis Will Resume in 2020


Gabriela Sabatini Doubts that Tennis Will Resume in 2020
Gabriela Sabatini Doubts that Tennis Will Resume in 2020

Former US Open champion and retired Argentine tennis star Gabriela Sabatini says she doubts that the tennis circuit will resume in 2020 amid the ongong coronavirus pandemic. Speaking to the Subidos a la Red podcast, Sabatini says, "In the coming months I think it will be difficult to hold any sporting event.

I have my doubts that something can be done this year in tennis. It's difficult to think about the future and what may happen because precisely what you have to try is to avoid a lot of people coming together and in all these events that happens." The 49 year old Argentine said the situation is global for all countries and the main thing was to now stay at home and keep healthy.

"This is a bit desperate. You don't know how or when it will end and even though we always like to think about the future, now we cannot do that. The good thing is that we are all facing the same situation because it is global, so the important thing now is to stay at home and keep healthy." Sabatini retired from the tennis circuit in 1996 after a career that included the 1990 US Open title and 11 Grand Slam singles semi-final appearances.

As of now, the tennis circuit has been suspended till July 12th but many are of the opinion that the suspension will last longer. The Wimbledon Championships have been cancelled while the French Open has moved to September.

The USTA has said that as of now, it intends to hold the US Open as scheduled but noted that it will keep monitoring the situation in the weeks ahead.

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