Julia Goerges: Winning a Grand Slam would be a dream

Tennis - Goerges says she would love to win a Grand Slam one day

by Prakash
Julia Goerges: Winning a Grand Slam would be a dream

Former Wimbledon semi-finalist Julia Goerges says she has not touched a racket for the past one month and is trying to get accustomed to the new normal amidst the coronavirus pandemic. In an interview to Sport1, the 31 year old Goerges says, "Everyone is healthy with me.

I can not complain. Somehow I also enjoy the nice weather, even if it is of course more inside than outside. It is completely unfamiliar to me to be at home longer at this time of the year and not in the USA and to have time for other things.

For the past 13 years I have lived out of my suitcase. It will probably go on like this for months now. But I also have to say that it is nice when you can spend more than five nights in your own bed. It's a completely different situation for the mind too.

Usually you are always in competition mode. Regular matches give you pressure and adrenaline every day. Now I am completely away from the job, the tennis life and can do completely different things. It's still unfamiliar, but the longer the time, the more I get used to it.

Thank God I have everything I need at home. I set up my own gym a few years ago. It's worth gold now. With a beautiful roof terrace, you can even go outside to exercise. I'm very happy with that. When asked what she misses most in the current situation, Goerges says it is the freedom to do regular things outside and meet her team as well.

"I have to say freedom. I think it's a shame, especially with the weather, that you can only get out to a limited extent. Seeing friends and exchanging face-to-face what is normally only possible in November is what I miss most.

I also miss my team. I currently only see my physios. I can go there, but that has only happened once in four weeks (laughs). My fitness trainer is from Canada, I currently only see him through Facetime." The German says like everyone else, she is also in a wait and watch mode when it comes to the resumption of the tennis season.

"We have to wait and see. I don't have any more information either. We have to see what happens with the season, for example with the US Open. It is all very uncertain. It's been a long time since nothing will happen until August.

You work for the competitions. It is a very unusual and strange situation. The daily routine is different and shorter. I keep fit, which is not that bad for the body.The French Open decision was weird. The players all learned it from the social networks.

It will be interesting, but I have been training on hard court and clay in the offseason for the past three or four years within a week. If it did happen after the US Open, I wouldn't mind that much. Clay is gentle on the joints." Wimbledon has been the tournament where Goerges has been most successful and the German says she would love to win a Grand Slam one day.

"(Winning a Grand Slam) would be nice! It is a dream of mine. With the Wimbledon semifinals, I have already sniffed it before. The Australian Open is my favourite tournament. I love Australia. Everything is very relaxed. People enjoy. It's a very nice atmosphere."

Julia Goerges