Caroline Garcia: Players Are Ready to give up on pre-season

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Caroline Garcia: Players Are Ready to give up on pre-season

Former World No. 4 Caroline Garcia, of France, says that players would be willing to give up their off-season in November and December if the tennis calendar was extended. There have been reports that the tennis tours are considering extending the season to November and December due to the current tennis shutdown if the tennis circuit can resume in 2020.

As of now, all tournaments till July 12th have been cancelled and there is some uncertainty about when the tour will resume based on how the global pandemic unfolds in the coming weeks. Garcia is currently in Mallorca where she is spending the quarantine period and spoke to France TV Sport about the current situation.

The 26 year old Garcia says, "We are left with four months of training and we cannot touch the racket. You have to accept the situation, I am lucky to be in good health like my family. I am also fortunate to have a little margin financially.

The hard part is that nobody knows how it will happen, not knowing the future. Today, the resumpton is set for July 13, but it can go to September 13 suddenly. We are losing our rhythm, our calendar no longer looks like anything normal and the tournaments are cancelled one after the other.

I hope they will be postponed until the end of the season and I hope that things will improve. Now, we don't know when the containment will be over, when the virus will stop spreading. We don't know when we can travel because our sport is international and we have to travel to go to tournaments.

I can hardly imagine a cancellation of the season, it would be a shame… We are all ready to give up on our pre-season from November to December. "