Simona Halep reveals her daily schedule during these weeks

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Simona Halep reveals her daily schedule during these weeks

Like it happened to each tennis player around the world, Simona Halep’s daily activities changed a lot during the lockdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic. She revealed her new schedule during an interview for Garantat 100% show.

“I’m in my apartment in Bucharest. I sleep pretty much, something I couldn’t do in the past because I’ve always had a schedule. I admit that I go to bed a little later, around 11-12 PM, but I sleep until 10, 10:30.

In the past, I wasn’t sleeping past 8:30-9, but not because I couldn’t. Mentally, knowing that I had a program for the day, I was waking up without an alarm. Now, I can sleep relaxed because I know that I make my own schedule,” said Halep.

Even though Romanian authorities forbade outdoor activities, besides those that involve grabbing necessary food and medicine, Simona still has a place where she can run freely. “I eat a late breakfast around 11 and, after that, I get outdoors across the complex.

I go running because that is my job and I need to keep fit. After that, I do my body exercises: abs, back, legs, everything I can inside the house,” said Halep. “I run around 20-25 minutes, but progressively, I want to run for an hour in one go.

I don’t usually run too much, but this is the only way I can keep my fitness up. In the house, I do push-ups, crunches, back exercises – because I have spinal problems, herniated discs – squats, lunges… exactly what I did when I was a child”. Besides eating and exercising, Simona Halep admitted she reads a lot and watches movies.