Marco Cecchinato To Become A Father For the First Time in July

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Marco Cecchinato To Become A Father For the First Time in July

Former French Open semi-finalist Marco Cecchinato says he is looking forward to becoming a father for the first time in July, calling it "his most beautiful victory" In an interview to Gazzetta dello Sport, the 27 year old Cecchinato says, "In late July, we will become parents...

a baby boy, is coming. A family, this will be the most beautiful victory of my life." The Italian player has struggled over the past season, dropping out of the Top 100 in the rankings and has now started working once again with former coach Massimo Sartori in a bid to revive his career.

"We are at the reset, a new start. For me with Sartori it was almost a return to the origins. When I was 17 I had been with him for two years in Caldaro, we know each other well and I trust him blindly. First of all it has given me back confidence.

He reminded me that Seppi won the first ATP title at the age of 27, while I at the same age have three, so I don't have to be in a hurry. I moved to Vicenza with him and he trains me every morning and evening. I needed to be reassured and prove to myself that I had not 'unlearned'

And in fact after a month of intense work I have already seen that many things that I couldn't even do in training anymore, are now back. This makes me want to work even harder. " Cecchinato says his slide down the rankings were a combination of several factors.

“I think it was a mix of factors. Maybe a couple of years ago some situations were handled badly, surely I also had the pressure to defend many important points , but above all I didn't feel well physically. I was never right, so slowly I started to lose confidence and also the matches.

Now I am aiming to return to the top 50. I want to show that what I have achieved in recent years was not the result of chance. But we must proceed step by step."