Donna Vekic: All We have to do is Adapt

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Donna Vekic: All We have to do is Adapt
Donna Vekic: All We have to do is Adapt

World No. 24 Donna Vekic, of Croatia, says she has adapted to life in quarantine and is spending her time studying French, cooking, taking her dog for a walk and catching up on films and TV series. In an interview to the Croatian media Jutranji List, the US Open quarter-finalist, who is based in Monte Carlo, says, "French study, I cook, in the evening I take a walk with the dog, I watch films and TV series.

I'm doing things that I don't have time to do when I'm out and about, but I miss the games. I miss the competition , the adrenaline of the match, the feelings you feel after a victory. This stop is a shock to me and my team, the people I live with for 45 weeks a year.

I haven't spent much time at home since I was ten . The situation is truly strange, but this is it. I'm trying to make the best use of time, even to be with my family. All we have to do is adapt. " Vekic says she was disappointed about the cancelation of the Wimbledon Championships although she was expecting the same.

"Even though we knew it was probably going to be canceled, when we got there we were all disappointed. And then it's true, Wimbledon is my favorite tournament . I have not yet fully accepted the fact that this year will not be the case, but this is the situation everywhere, not only in the world of tennis.

We have lost all the events on the grass, a surface on which I really like to play. I'm trying to stay positive. I don't think we'll be playing anymore this year, although I realize it's possible . Nobody knows what will happen, but I still have the hope that we will start in mid-July and that the American tour is feasible.

Although the situation there is getting worse and worse just in this period. The fact is that the circuit will not be able to restart as long as there are travel restrictions. Tennis is not like football, where you can think about how to finish the championship in your country.

If players can't go to America and vice versa, or Asia, nothing can be done. " The Croatian says she is trying to remain fit during this time and thinks she is ready to run a half marathon after all the running around she has been doing on the treadmill.

“It will be a very special situation. We already know that we will be 'out' for four months, but for me it is something completely new. I will try to adapt and be as prepared as possible, although it is difficult for me to say what the biggest problem will be.

For sure they won't tell us "In a week there is a tournament", so we will have enough time to prepare, and from the point of view of physical condition we continue to work to maintain it. I run a lot in this period, at home I have the treadmill, and I think I could run the Osijek half marathon!

I've always liked to sleep, maybe a little more during this period. I wake up around nine, then calmly drink a coffee, I am not in a hurry. Then I do training, and then lunch. I'll make it myself. I like cooking, usually I don't have the time or the opportunity, especially when we are around tournaments and we always eat in hotels or restaurants.

I cook spontaneously, as I come, most of the time based on recipes from my grandmother and my mom. Suddenly, trying to make dishes as healthy as possible, changing some ingredients, and I enjoy it."

Donna Vekic

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