ATP Chairman Confirms Plans to Support Lower Ranked Players

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ATP Chairman Confirms Plans to Support Lower Ranked Players

ATP Chairman Andrea Gaudenzi says that he is working on strengthening collaboration between the ATP Tour, the WTA Tour and the ITF during the current tennis shutdown. Gaudennzi was speaking on Tennis Channel Live with Steve Weissman and Paul Annacone.

The former Top 20 player commented, "Nobody could foresee what is happening now. The dynamics are complicated and the uncertainty is still there, but the spirit of cooperation among the governing bodies has been awesome the last few weeks."

Gaudenzi also confirmed that the exact date of return for competitive tennis is difficult to predict for now and that the ATP was working on providing relief to lower ranked players. "It’s difficult to have an exact date to return, the challenges for tennis are much higher than the other sports.

We are going to try to step in and provide support to the players who don’t have the means to go on financially during these very difficult times. Something needs to be done now for the players, we will deal with the tournaments a little bit later when we have a clear idea on the calendar."

The Italian also hoped that the current crisis would help unite tennis once and for all so that the sport could compete better with other sports and entertainment platforms. "I noticed that most of the energy focus and resources were allocated to solving internal infighting, but in reality we don’t compete with each other, we compete other sports and other entertainment platforms.

There is a big opportunity for tennis but we can only grasp it if we work together as a group. This crisis could divide us further or unite us once and for all, I hope the latter will happen."