Tennis Integrity Unit Issues Advisory on Unsanctioned Events

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Tennis Integrity Unit Issues Advisory on Unsanctioned Events

The Tennis Integrity Unit has released an advisory to professional tennis players regarding taking part in unsanctioned events - saying that some anti-corruption rules continue to apply to them during the tennis shutdown..

In its media release, the TIU says, "The suspension of professional tennis is an uncertain and challenging time for the tennis community. Although all ATP, WTA and ITF events are currently suspended until at least 13 July 2020, some privately organised exhibition matches, tournaments and even eSports events will start to take place where and when local government restrictions allow.

We understand that these will be attractive opportunities to many of you eager to play and to earn an income. While the playing opportunities created are welcomed, we must advise you that there may be an elevated risk of corruption and corrupt approaches in some of these environments.

As these events may not be organised or recognised by governing bodies or national associations, it is very important that you understand that anti-corruption rules will still apply to you." The TIU advisory continues to say that the players continue to remain covered under the Tennis Anti-Corruption program during the shutdown - "As a tennis player covered by the Tennis Anti-Corruption Program (TACP) you are reminded that:

  • You cannot bet on any tennis event.
  • You must not facilitate or encourage others to bet on any tennis event.

    This includes but is not limited to conducting personal appearances or participating in events organised by tennis betting companies, and the promotion of tennis betting via social media or links to their websites.

  • You cannot be employed or otherwise engaged by a tennis betting company, for example being sponsored by them.

    Nor can you wear clothing or use equipment displaying logos, graphics or text related to tennis betting companies.

The TIU also adds that they can be contacted by any player during this time for advice on any queries that they have and are expected to report any approaches related to corruption to the TIU as they would normally do.