The funny side of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal's chat

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The funny side of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal's chat

Rafa Nadal played a very personal match with Roger Federer on Instagram, with a live broadcast on April Monday 20th. All the fans who managed to see the live live chat between Nadal and Federer saw the funniest side of Spanish champion.

Even in the virtual chat he played with the Swiss. The live broadcast between the two great champions connected 40,000 people on Instagram, all very excited about this media event. Nadal, who evidently waited for his friend for the live broadcast, was nicely looking on the screen to see when Federer would appear.

"Finally!" Nadal said to Roger, when he arrived on video, to talk about the particular situation that the world of tennis is now experiencing because of the Cov id-19 global pandemic. Roger Federer said he spent time with his four children and his family, but he also practiced against a wall in the famous Twitter challenge.

Nadal said instead that he hadn't touched tennis balls: "Perfect! You won't be able to play tennis when you come back." said Federer, to the general amusement. The Swiss Maestro also said that he is having time to recover from surgery on his right knee.

From the chat it was evident, between the amazement and the general fun of the fans, the little feeling between Nadal and the technology for live calls and for the esport. After Federer disconnected he also had a chat with Andy Murray.

They talked about the Madrid Open being contested with joysticks rather than tennis rackets. Rafa admits he is an esports novice. "I played last night and I played as you. I played as you against Roger, on clay obviously."

Said Murray. This is also a way to entertain all tennis fans and have fun in a very difficult time for everyone.