Tsonga: No regrets about playing in same era as Roger Federer, Nadal & Djokovic

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Tsonga: No regrets about playing in same era as Roger Federer, Nadal & Djokovic

French tennis player Jo-Wilfried Tsonga says he is not afraid of retirement any more and will be looking forward to working on his academy after he retires from the game. Speaking to France TV sport, the former Australian Open finalist says he doesn't consider retirement a taboo.

"Not at all! It is the logical continuation of things, I am one of those people who think that life is a cycle. I had my period, I hope I still have it all little bit. But otherwise I will do something else that will be just as rewarding.

Right now I'm developing an academy called "All in Academy" Through this, with my coach we want to educate young people as we could do with me when I was little." The flamboyant Frenchman is currently spending the lockdown period with his family in Gingins, Switzerland and has also been working on music.

"Music with my son is for social networks! I am a real trumpet on drums. He is better than me by the way (laughs). We try to keep busy, making it difficult for many and try to stay as positive as possible. " Tsonga says he is happy with his career and would like to get back on the court when the tour resumes to leave the game on his terms.

We don't all start with the same database. I feel like I've got the most out of it. Some people say I could have been better there or in other situations. But when I was in my small village of Savigné l'Evêque near Le Mans and someone had offered me a paper telling me that I was going to do 1/10th of my career, I would have signed immediately.

The body is better. I can't say it's perfect, it will be difficult to find the high level. I continue to work every day to see the end of the tunnel. But I hope to go back on the court and give it my all, as I have been able to do throughout my career.

Relive emotions like before." The 35 year old also has no regrets that he was playing in the same era as the Big Three - Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic. "I see the glass half full. I was able to play against these players there, even sometimes beat them in great moments!

Each meeting against them was like a final. Imagine, I watched Roger Federer on television! He is one of those sportsmen who made me vibrate! Finding yourself in the same corridor to enter the court with these legends, it is just exceptional."