Carlos Costa: Tennis is not profitable behind closed doors

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Carlos Costa: Tennis is not profitable behind closed doors

Former tennis player and manager of Rafael Nadal, Carlos Costa says that playing tennis behind closed doors is not a profitable option for tennis tournaments. In an interview with the Marca website, Costa, a former Top 10 player, says, "Tennis is not profitable behind closed doors.

Playing behind closed doors implies keeping away from people. The player is not calm either. I do not see it possible until there is a vaccine or, at least, a medicine that guarantees rapid protection to 70% of society. In tennis, you even share the ball.

Playing tennis involves traveling, taking planes ... it's not going to an office and going home." A few days ago, Nadal, the 19 time Grand Slam champion, had said he hoped players would be able to train in the coming days - something that Costa agrees with.

"I understand why there is a difference between competing and training. The coach can throw a bucket of balls at him and he can hit them but it is not the same. Why can't he train if it is his job? Since they are very stopped, the injuries will come.

You have to keep hitting the ball. It is a habit that you have been doing for so many years that when you stop doing it, joints suffer. It is a pity that Spanish athletes, especially in individual sports, can not continue with their work."

Spain has been one of the countries most affected by the current pandemic. As of now, all tennis tournaments till July 12th have been suspended by the ATP, WTA & ITF Tours.