Sara Errani Backs Roger Federer's Suggestion of ATP & WTA Merger

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Sara Errani Backs Roger Federer's Suggestion of ATP & WTA Merger

Former French Open finalist Sara Errani has also backed Roger Federer's suggestion that the ATP & WTA Tours should be merged while speaking to Eurosport. Earlier this week, Federer posted a tweet saying that during the current crisis, he thinks the ATP & WTA Tours should be merged into one governing body to make the tennis experience easier for fans.

His comments were supported by most current and former players including Rafael Nadal, Simona Halep, Petra Kvitova, Billie Jean King and Rennae Stubbs. Errani says, "It would be time to unify the government bodies of tennis.

Just think about what happened with Roland Garros. It seems to me that they have not even taken the weather into consideration, because I don't know how the weather would be in Paris in September." Errani also spoke about her future after her playing career and says she may consider getting into coaching.

"As a young person, I said I didn't want to coach, while now it makes me much more curious, so I don't rule it out. If I have to evaluate a player I look at the attitude and if he has an idea on how to set the points or not.

The technique stands out, but I have never seen it as a fundamental thing. Describing someone's game in terms of technical improvements is difficult, because trust and mental aspects tend to prevail. For example, Zverev didn't go down in service from a technical point of view, he only lost faith, and the same thing happened to me.

Changing your technique is difficult, in fact, often the difficult part is keeping it “ The 32 year old Errani, formerly ranked No. 5 in the world, is currently ranked No. 169 in the rankings.