Matteo Berrettini: The Olympic Games are my goal for the next year

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Matteo Berrettini: The Olympic Games are my goal for the next year

Italian tennis player Matteo Berrettini says that the Olympic Games remain one of his biggest goals since he has been watching the Games since he was a kid. Ranked No. 8 in the world, 24 year old Berrettini says, "I don't know if postponing the Olympics is a good thing or a bad thing.

I think the organizers did what they had to do. For me, the Games are an ultimate chance, an ultimate experience. I have been watching the Games since I was a young kid and they're one of my biggest goals. Four years ago it was in Rio, and the next Games seemed so far away, almost unattainable.

They seemed like a dream. year, thanks to my ranking, I would have qualified. Now they are my goal for next year. Games are not usually a major goal for a tennis player, but for me yes. My first time at the Games will be huge. " Berrettini says the cancellation of Wimbledon was also a big blow.

"There is no doubt: Wimbledon is my favorite Grand Slam. I made the semifinals at the US Open, but Wimbledon is the temple of our sport. There, even the uninitiated, those who are not tennis fans, are happy to play or participate in the event.

It's fantastic! The cancellation is very hard for us. It's a very special situation. Because it's played on grass, and in England the weather is often rainy. We can only play the tournament on certain dates. We cannot postpone it until November, it would be 5 degrees."

The Italian, who recently signed with Red Bull Italia, said he is trying to keep a balance between training and relaxing right now. "Without training, I feel a lot of pain, so I can't stop. We can't work very hard for 2 or 3 months because we would go crazy!

We have to find a balance between pleasure and work. you have to live this moment as if you were suffering from a serious injury. Experienced players know how to manage this kind of period, even if Federer had his first serious injury at 38!

But it is certain that an experienced player knows how to act in such a moment. A young player always wants to play but, as I said, you have to be calm and patient.