Here is Why Andrej Martin Wears Mismatched Socks During His Tennis Matches


Here is Why Andrej Martin Wears Mismatched Socks During His Tennis Matches

30 year old Andrej Martin says he wanted to make a positive impact on society through his tennis - which is why he helps raise awareness for Down's Syndrome . Martin is ranked No. 96 in the world currently, three sports below his career best ranking of No.

93 which he reached in February. Speaking to the ATP Tour website, Martin says a clothing company made him aware of World Down Syndrome Day (21 March) and how people wore brightly coloured, mismatched socks to support the cause.

"I fell in love with this great cause and was thinking of ways to promote it. It’s a small effort from me to start wearing two different socks, but could potentially create a huge positive impact and bring well-deserved attention to Down Syndrome.

I realised that because tennis provides publicity and therefore possibly impacts society, I can be very useful to others and provide help where I believe it’s needed”. The Slovak says that when people ask him about his mismatched socks, he is happy to get noticed and promote a good cause.

“I generally don’t like to celebrate specific days symbolising things because I don’t believe that certain things only deserve our attention one day of the year. People with Down Syndrome deserve our attention every day of the year.

I keep getting questions about my socks from people in tennis, so that proves it’s being noticed and makes sense to keep wearing them to promote this great cause. If I can keep reminding people about it, I’ll happily do it”.

Andrej Martin