Bianca Andreescu Thrilled to Hear Andy Roddick's Praise for Her

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Bianca Andreescu Thrilled to Hear Andy Roddick's Praise for Her

US Open champion Bianca Andreescu says she was thrilled to hear former World No. 1 Andy Roddick praise her street fighting style and her attitude on court. In an interview to Tennis Channel Live, the 19 year old Canadian says, "He does have a point about all the emotions, you don't know what you're going to get.

but I think that's just what makes me be me, and I'm going to keep doing me." Andreescu has talked a lot about how she has visualized herself winning the US Open - something that came into reality in September last year.

"You basically picture yourself in a moment in the future, of what you want a certain moment to look like. For me, that was to win the US Open...the key is to feel yourself in that situation in the future, which I think is the tough part of it.

I've been doing it for a long time, so that's really been helping. Since I can't really hit balls, I've been visualizing myself hitting and back in competition and just imagining that this is all going to go away."

Speaking about her spectacular 2019 season where she jumped from No. 178 to No. 6 in the world, the Canadian says, "I think it was a buildup of everything I had done leading up to the US Open. Auckland really gave me a boost, I beat a couple of top players.

Rogers Cup definitely helped me perform well at the US Open too, I had no pressure since I was coming back from a long injury." Andreescu says she was is taking the time currently to heal her knee injury. "I was supposed to play Indian Wells but then something happened in practice and we thought it was better to wait instead.

I would have been ready for Miami so it’s just bad luck that all of this started during that time. I’m taking this time to fully heal my knee if it wasn’t already 100%, even though I think it was”.