Laura Robson: 'Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal made smart suggestion but we don't..'

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Laura Robson: 'Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal made smart suggestion but we don't..'

Former top-30 player and the British no. 1 Laura Robson has been dealing with numerous injuries in the last half a decade, finishing outside the top-150 in every season after 2014 and playing only three main draw matches in 2019.

Speaking to BBC Radio Five Live, Robson shared her thoughts about a possible unification of the ATP and WTA under one organization, something that would make things easier for both the players and the fans. Due to a coronavirus, the entire tennis season in under risk and the players are giving their best to improve some aspects of our sport and make it better for the generations to come.

A couple of days ago, Roger Federer suggested a merge between the ATP and WTA and a more centralized approach in terms of ranking, categories and coverage in general. Rafael Nadal and other players from the top are on the same page with Roger, eager to see a unique approach and to bring younger fans into the sport.

Robson would love to see the ATP and WTA under one umbrella although she is not sure how many players in total support the merge, with a lot of things to be worked on in the next couple of months, especially in terms of the prize money where the WTA trails big time to the ATP.

"I think it would be a good thing for tennis," Robson told BBC Radio Five Live. "For the WTA, I would like for them not to be lost in the shuffle a little bit. As long as there is someone in charge considering all sides of the game, not just the men's tournaments, I can see it working.

It's a difficult one in terms of fans; it would be a much better experience if everything is under the same umbrella and they don't have to subscribe to WTA TV, ATP TV, the ITF, it can be so hard to understand as a fan where actually to watch tennis.

If it can come under one umbrella, it's a much better experience, but it depends if it turns out how the WTA wants it. It's a difficult one because you don't know how many of the guys fully support the merger in the way that Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal have suggested.

I think it would be a lot better for the sport, but logistically I don't know how it would work around things like equal prize money. In Rome, the difference between what men and women get is a massive one. It's a logistical minefield and it's going to take a long time to come up with something good for everyone involved."