Mats Wilander on the Impact of the Crisis on His Business

Tennis - Wilander is a former World No. 1 and seven time Grand Slam champion

by Prakash
Mats Wilander on the Impact of the Crisis on His Business

Former World No. 1 Mats Wilander, of Sweden, says the current global pandemic has also hit his business - Gravity Fitness, the tennis and gym facility he runs in rural Idaho in the United States where he is currently based.

The Swede says the business has been forced to shut down for now and send staff home but they have managed to take part of the state aid package launched to save small businesses. Speaking to Expressen, Wilander says, "We actually got money from the social fund here, I heard from the other owner, a few days ago.

As a small company you can get some money - if you are lucky now, I have now understood! Not everyone succeeds at that. Well, they don't have enough money here to get everyone out. The 55 year old says he still plays tennis during these days while conforming to the rules in the local area.

"I'll play with a friend on a private court. Outside! It'll be damn fun! You can play tennis if you don't pick up the balls. If only one person picks up, I think you can play, that's probably what you have to decide before. And no serve!

So you either have to juggle the ball with the racket, or it's game without serve. But it works." Wilander and his family have been busy recently as they sold their huge property outside Hailey. "We have already moved out. We have been moved for a week when it comes to the accommodation so we do not live there for long, we only have a few things left.

We have rented an apartment down in Ketchum (one of the communities in the same area), but we will not get it until mid-June, so we live in a house with a friend now for two months before moving there. Then we don't know. We will rent for a year, then we will see, we are looking for housing during this time.

But we have not decided whether to rent or buy what you want - apartment or house with garden... we actually have no idea. No idea right now!" The seven-time Grand Slam champion continues to remain involved in tennis through commentating on Eurosport.

Mats Wilander