Dominic Thiem Speaks About the Split from Thomas Muster & Gunter Bresnik

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Dominic Thiem Speaks About the Split from Thomas Muster & Gunter Bresnik

World No. 3 Dominic Thiem has spoken out about his separation from coaches Thomas Muster and Gunter Bresnik. In an interview with Krone, Thiem says, "It was worth a try. I said from the start: 'If it works, it's a great thing - and if it doesn't, it's not.'

Unfortunately, the second was the case, which is why I ended the collaboration relatively quickly. " After their split, Muster had commented to the media, "There are houses with beautiful, indeed with wonderful facades.

But you rarely know who lives inside." The former World No. 1 had also said that he had been working with Thiem unofficially since September 2019. "Following the request of the Thiem family, I had been pulling the strings in the background since September 2019, so I wasn't fired after 16 days, as could be read."

On his separation from Bresnik, the Austrian star says, "The same applies to Bresnik as well. We had a long time together,. A separation is never easy and differences of opinion are the logical consequence,", adding that he was no longer in touch with Bresnik.

In an interview, the 58 year old Bresnik had commented, "If I owe everything to someone, then I can't deal with him like that. Wolfgang would be a club coach in Seebenstein and Dominic would be a future player."

Thiem is now working with his father Wolfgang. He is currently ranked No. 3 in the world rankings.