Nck Kyrgios Criticizes Dominic Thiem for Stance on Helping Lower Ranked Players

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Nck Kyrgios Criticizes Dominic Thiem for Stance on Helping Lower Ranked Players

Australian tennis star Nick Kyrgios has criticized Austrian tennis star Dominic Thiem for his comments on the plans to help lower-ranked players with financial relief due to the tennis shutdown caused by the global health crisis.

In an interview in Austrian media, Thiem said he was not keen on supporting some of the lower ranked players as they were not professional enough and he would rather support some other causes. "Quite honestly I have to say that no tennis player will be fighting to survive, even those who are much lower-ranked.

None of them are going to starve." (There are) many, many players who don't put the sport above everything else and don't live in a professional manner. I wouldn't really see why I should give such players money.

I would rather give money to people or organisations that really need it "None of us top players got anything handed to us, we all had to fight our way up." "I don't have the guarantee in any job that I will do well and earn lots of money, that's my opinion on the matter."

Kyrgios, who was leading the way for tennis to unite during the Australian bushfire crisis in January, commented, "He (Thiem) still doesn't understand the point. We at the top get paid far too much and there is not enough to go around, it's about helping where we can, professional or unprofessional, put yourself in their shoes.

The ATP has said it is working on a plan to provide relief to the lower ranked players and the details of the same are expected to be released in the coming days. The ATP is working with the WTA, ITF and the Grand Slam bodies on the relief package for players ranked outside the Top 100.