Corentin Moutet: Music Works as Therapy For Me

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Corentin Moutet: Music Works as Therapy For Me

French tennis star Corentin Moutet is not only one of the rising stars in the men's game but also has another hidden talent as a musician. Moutet has been displaying his music skills on his social media account over the past few weeks and has received a lot of appreciation from the fans for the same.

Speaking to the ATP website, Moutet commented, “I take music as therapy because it’s nice to write and get rid of everything you’re feeling inside, both good and bad. I like the connection with people on social media through music as well.

Even if you don’t speak the same language, you can speak to a lot of people through music." “The days can be long on site at tournaments, so I wanted to do something else. I’m usually writing, singing or rapping most of the time now.

I try to write every day about my feelings or anything else that comes to mind”. The Frenchman says he has plenty of material that he has worked upon for the past couple of years but is hesitant to share them all on social media.

“It was a mix of emotions. The first song I put on Instagram [Écorché vif] is one of the more personal songs I have about myself, so it was tough to put on social media. But on the other side, I wanted to share how I feel and show that your social status or where you come from doesn’t matter.

We all feel the same way”. The 21 year old Moutet says he was also apprehensive about the response from the tennis world since some of his music is also related to the sport. "The tough thing about the tennis world is that I’m friends with some players, but it’s normally all about tennis, even with the media or my coach.

I didn’t know how everyone around tennis would take it because music is something different. I wasn’t sure if they would smile or criticise or tell me to stick to tennis. I’m really happy though because I received a lot of nice messages from around the world, including from players and some coaches."

Moutet is currently ranked No. 75 in the world rankings, close to his personal best of No. 70 which he achieved in January.