Andrea Petkovic Resumes Training in Germany: Don't want my career to be ended by this

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Andrea Petkovic Resumes Training in Germany: Don't want my career to be ended by this

Former Top 10 player Andrea Petkovic says she has received permission from local authorities in Germany to resume her training and has been hitting for an hour every day. The German is training where father Zoran, head coach at TEC, teaches with one of the club's best junior players for an hour every day.

According to the FAZ website, Petkovic says, "I train on the court for an hour a day to stay in the swing and keep myself fit. In the afternoons I do something fitness-related, which I can do in the context of my house and the forest."

The German, who had been thinking of retirement for some time due to injuries, says she also plans to extend her career. "I tend to keep playing but overall less and with the focus on the big tournaments and those that are close to me, such as Bad Homburg or Berlin.

I don't want my career to be ended by Corona. " Petkovic says she will work harder on her fitness closer to resumption of the tennis circuit. "My plan is to go to the training camp a month before I start again."

While she is not confident about the smaller events, Petkovic says she can see the French Open and other bigger events being possibly played without viewers, although the organizers of Roland Garros themselves have said that is not an option currently.

"The only thing I can imagine this year is a Grand Slam tournament without an audience, because these big tournaments could afford it, but I don't know how smaller tournaments could do it without an audience. Actually what I think most likely that Paris will do it without viewers, only with TV money."

Spekaing about the impact on the tennis players ranked lower down the order, the German says, "For everyone beyond the world rankings 80 or 90 and especially for young players who could not build up a financial cushion for over ten years, it will be tough."