Anke Huber on Coaching: I am deliberately out of this whole tennis circus

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Anke Huber on Coaching: I am deliberately out of this whole tennis circus

Former World No. 4 Anke Huber, of Germany, says she has no plans to return to the tennis tour as a full-time coach but is available to help anyone while being based in her native Germany. Speaking to RNZ, the 45 year old Huber says, "I am deliberately out of this whole tennis circus.

I just didn't want to travel that much anymore. If someone needs help here, I'm always ready to help. But it is inconceivable that I would get fully involved in the tour again. I'm still close (to the tour), which I have to be because of my job in Stuttgart.

That is why I also attend two or three other tournaments a year. Only now I don't play that much anymore." On the future of German women's tennis, Huber says she does not see any young junior player at the moment who can become a top star.

"If players like Angelique Kerber, Andrea Petkovic or Julia Gorges are gone, we will probably have to prepare for a longer losing streak. Although I don't want to be too pessimistic, because sometimes things can go quickly and suddenly there is a player who was not on the horizon.

But at the moment I don't see any high-flyer who has the potential for the top ten. If one should come, I wouldn't mind though." With many former professionals penning books about their careers and life stories, Huber says not to expect one from her.

"That will certainly not happen. I hold back very discreetly." Finally, speaking about the ingredients for success, Huber says talent is not enough for success and there are many other things that are required for a player to succeed.

"Of course, you also need the talent you need. But also the willingness to always work hard on yourself and at the same time consciously forego a lot. Happiness is also part of it: the right trainer, family support. A lot has to fit."