Venus Williams and Naomi Osaka on Video Games, Hobbies and Working Out

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Venus Williams and Naomi Osaka on Video Games, Hobbies and Working Out

Two time Grand Slam champion Naomi Osaka joined fellow former World No. 1 Venus Williams on her Instagram Live show on Tuesday where the two tennis champions did a workout session and also chatted about several topics in between their workouts.

Osaka spoke about how she is trying to remain active during the current quarantine by working out from her home and also spending her time reading. "I'm kind of doing nothing. I did a serious leg workout a couple of days ago, and I'm still sore!

I'm hitting, but I'm not working out - it's more to make sure that I can still put the ball in the court. "I was reading Kobe's book... and I'm thinking about re-reading Agassi's book, Open. It was really good.

I read it a lot during car rides to tournaments." Williams said she had been keeping herself busy by planting and gardening at her Florida home. "I've been planting. We're never home, so we kill the plants because we're never here.

We have jalepenos. I'm a big jalepeno girl. I was so excited. "We have basil, rosemary, Chinese cabbage... I found bananas growing randomly, so now that I'm not playing tennis? I'm gardening." The two tennis champions were also part of the recent Mario Tennis competition for charity which was eventually won by ATP player Taylor Fritz and TikTok star Addison Rae.

Osaka commented, "That was bad. We were lagging... I think Taylor Fritz plays video games every second of the day or something”. Venus said she doesn't keep any video games at her home anymore because she tends to spend too much time on them once she starts playing.

"I didn't even get a game. It was a bloodbath. There were no survivors... I'd retired from video games because I got injured playing them, literally. My wrist and my shoulder. You know when they say, 'Don't keep playing if you feel numbness or tingling?' "I felt numbness and tingling.

I would be playing for hours. I think as a tennis player, as an athlete, you're obsessive and you do things obsessively. I don't even keep them in my house, because I'll play." The seven-time Grand Slam champion Venus has been having a workout session every week on Instagram and has been inviting a different guest each week to join her on the show.

She has already conducted sessions with ATP star Grigor Dimitrov and former World No. 1 Victoria Azarenka. Her mother, Oracene and her sister, Serena, have also joined her on occasions for the show.