RFET releases guidelines under which Djokovic & Nadal can resume playing in Spain

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RFET releases guidelines under which Djokovic & Nadal can resume playing in Spain

The Royal Spanish Tennis Federation has released the safety measures that must be adopted when returning to training on the court, starting Monday 11 May. In its release which is available on their website, the federation has restated that the courts are only available to high-performance athletes , professional or federated players, in addition to federations, clubs and sports entities and their respective technical teams.

While the federation has provided detailed guidelines on their site to be followed - some of the main measures include -

  • Players must not greet each other after the match and must cross the court on opposite sides of the net to maintain a minimum distance of 2m.
  • It is also recommended that players use new balls whenever possible , that they do not share personal items such as towels and bottles, and that playing equipment is cleaned before and after games.

    In addition, touching bars or gates is not recommended.

  • Players must arrive at the clubs at the time of the game or training time and with the clothes they will use on the court. Masks and protective gloves must be worn until entering the court.

    After the matches, players are not allowed to stay in the clubs, or even use the showers in the locker rooms

It must be noted that earlier this week, Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal both returned to the courts for a practice session in Spain which was widely reported in the media.

However, the guidelines given by the federation for the week of 4th May did not permit players returning to the courts and both players have not played again on the courts this week. Starting May 11, the world's top two ranked players will be able to resume playing under these conditions in Spain.