Cornet on Roger Federer's proposal:I fear loss of power from WTA to one with the men

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Cornet on Roger Federer's proposal:I fear loss of power from WTA to one with the men

French tennis player Alize Cornet says she is more for the merger between the ATP & WTA tours rather than against it but hopes that if the merger does take place, it would be on an equal footing. Speaking to the Essentially Sports website, the world no.

59 says, "But definitely the whole image of tennis, I think it would be amazing to do only one tour and be all together, that would show a great image to the other sports to do the same thing, maybe. I like the idea that we would stop talking about men’s tennis, women’s tennis, but it would be an entity, you know, all together.

(But)You are right, I fear a little bit of loss of power if I can say that, from the WTA to one with the men, because we know that the ATP is a little bit more present in the media, they have more money, they have more sponsors, and I’m wondering if it’s going to be really equal with men and women, or if we’re going to still fight for it even though we’re one tour.

So, this is the question I’m asking myself. I would say I’m more for it than against it, let’s put it like this”. Cornet added that the making the merger happen would not be as simple and the whole process would take time.

"I think it’s the perfect timing to try to make things change, in a way. But I think this is not something we will be able to change in a few weeks or in a few months, it’s going to take time, It’s going to take a lot of discussion, between both organizations but also between the players.

And yeah, I cannot wait to see my fellow tennis players, male and female, to talk about it and see in which direction we want to go!”"

The Frenchwoman also recalled her most memorable win - over Serena Williams at Wimbledon in 2014.

Cornet defeated Williams 1-6, 6-3, 6-4 in the third round of Wimbledon in 2014.

"Definitely this match is the best memory I have from my career and I think it was tennistically the best match I also played against this amazing champion, I mean, Serena Williams in Wimbledon. Beating her there was, yeah, pretty much a miracle.

Specially because before that year, I was not feeling comfortable on grass, and this year I was so inspired on the court, and yeah beating Serena on this court will forever stay in my mind, definitely, as the best memory of my singles career.

The only regret I have is I was very close against Eugenie Bouchard to go to the quarters and, yeah, this hurts." The former World No. 11 added that as a French player, winning Roland Garros would be very, very special.

"As a French player, I think Roland Garros would be very, very special. I love all of the slams, I think its definitely the rendez-vous that I’m most looking forward to in a year but, sure, willing Roland Garros in front of my friends, in front of my family, in front of the French crowd, that would be the wildest dream."