Richard Gasquet: What scares me the most is not knowing when we're going to resume

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Richard Gasquet: What scares me the most is not knowing when we're going to resume

French tennis player Richard Gasquet says he does support the idea of the player relief programme though he believes not all players would need the same amount of money. In an interview to France Bleu, the 33 year old says, "We talked about players ranked from 200 to 700.

Then, among them, there may be players who, at one point, were in the 100s, and who do not need this money there. Of course for younger people, players who are in need, it's a difficult period. It is difficult to target people, but for some players, it is clear that it is a necessity."

Like most other players, Gasquet says he finds it hard to predict when the sport will return. "I find it hard to see, to project myself. Tennis is an international sport, it is already the first concern. In football or rugby, it's a little different.

The players are in the same country. Afterwards, we're talking about a closed-door tournament, but hey.. a big slam behind closed doors, these are 128 players for men and as many for women. But in tennis, there are many more.

I do not see how it will be possible. I am quite pessimistic. We'll see in two, three, four months. Tennis is the most difficult sport to restart. All the countries of the world play, all the players travel. For me, behind closed doors is not sport.

Afterwards, it may be easier to say for me, because my career has passed. It is sure that it is not the same for players of 20 years, 25 years. Then, if we have to save the sport business, we will do it. But I hope we don't get there."

Gasquet also spoke about some of the challenges he foresees prior to returning to the circuit. "Without knowing when the competition returns, it's not easy. We will have to get back in shape. There will be summer to prepare.

After, maybe in September, but we don't know. I don't want to give a date, it's not in my power. It seems difficult to me, that's the only thing I can say. Preparation is not what scares me the most. We will have time.

What scares me the most is not knowing when we're going to resume. It is clear that the more you advance in age, the more difficult it is to resume. But it's the same for everyone, not just for tennis players. You have to adapt. And we will do it as best we can."