Former US Open champion Flavia Pennetta rules out comeback to tennis

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Former US Open champion Flavia Pennetta rules out comeback to tennis

Former US Open champion Flavia Pennetta has ruled out a comeback to professional tennis, saying that she is happy with her life right now, in an interview to La Gazzetta dello Sport. Her husband, the ATP player Fabio Fognini, has often spoken in recent interviews that he was trying to convince his wife for a comeback.

However, Pennetta says she has no plans to do the same. "You won't make me say I want to go back to playing. I don't even think about it. Fabio stresses me! But he also does it as a joke. I have a four month old baby, my life is just fine."

Pennetta & Fognini are parents to two kids - Federico, who is three years old and Farah, who was born in December. "Well. I love being with family. Of course, during isolation it wasn't always easy with Farah just born and Fede who is a good but very active child.

In short, we all had to slowly pick up the pace. I hadn't spent so much time with Fabio. On the one hand, it is beautiful because we are enjoying our children together like never before. For him it is practically a general rehearsal of what his life will be like once he stops tennis.

The first ten days were a little strange. Fabio is accustomed to completely different rhythms than those experienced at home, in his daily life with his children. There was a bit of nervousness, then he got used to it day after day.

I am lucky because he is a good dad and he helps me a lot. Even if he is always a little stimulated, in the sense that, like all men, they do things on demand, but they do them. Of course, he's a bit slow, we mothers are a little quicker and more practical about certain things.

But it is normal." Pennetta says her wish for Mother's Day is to wish that the current pandemic ends soon and that she hopes to meet and hug her family. "Let's this all end quickly. And above all. all of us inhabitants of the planet learn something from this experience and understand the true value of things.

(After the lockdown), I will run to Puglia to embrace my family. I haven't seen them since early March. But first a jump to the hairdresser."