Elina Svitolina: If not for my mom, I would not have the character of a winner

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Elina Svitolina: If not for my mom, I would not have the character of a winner

World No. 5 Elina Svitolina, of Ukraine, spoke about the important role of her mother in her success on the occasion of Mother's Day, saying that she would not have achieved According to the Times Hub, Svitolina says, "Mom raised me strictly in childhood.

I think she knew what a big role discipline plays in sports and in achieving results. After a while, I realize that such a strict upbringing helped me. Discipline and willpower are the components of success in professional sport and these qualities are brought up from childhood."

The Ukrainian continues, “My mom always supported me. This is very important, especially in tennis, given how much time you spend on the road, at tournaments, away from friends and family… the sport of tennis is such that almost every week you have losses happen, it’s hard… my mother gives and continues to give me strength and faith in the fact that I can be a better tennis player."

Svitolina says that she remembers some specific advice of her mother very well. "If you’re from Ukraine and you want to be noticed on the world stage, you have to work much more than athletes, for example, from England or the States.

You have to show the best results. I knew this from childhood and this knowledge has shaped my character. I am constantly working on myself – on the court and in life. If not for mom, then I wouldn’t have the character of a winner.

Happy holiday, beloved mother!"