Arthur Reymond, the man who built a tennis court at home!

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Arthur Reymond, the man who built a tennis court at home!

During the quarantine, tennis players are performing in various forms of communication: Roger Federer's challenges, Madrid Virtual Pro, podcasts between Roger, Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray, those between Novak Djokovic and Maria Sharapova, or the diary of Eugenie Bouchard.

Those who train and share photos on social media, who pamper their dogs. There are those who replaced the racket with pots, like Novak Djokovic, shared a video that went viral; who used the racket to dribble close to a wall, like Federer.

Or who, like Rafa Nadal, completely gave up the possibility of hitting the ball, limiting himself to physical exercises. The most incredible solution to successfully pass the quarantine caused by the Covid-19 global pandemic was born from an idea of ​​Arthur Reymond, 21 years-old from Toulouse and current number 589 of the ATP ranking.

As he shared through his Twitter account from Tennis Legend: with the help of his father, the Frenchman took advantage of the quarantine to restore a clayc-court, now abandoned, located near his home. A work as ingenious as it is smart, completed in just two weeks of work, which now allows the young French tennis player to train comfortably and safely!