Will the 2020 Hall of Fame Induction be a ray of hope for more tennis to come?

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Will the 2020 Hall of Fame Induction be a ray of hope for more tennis to come?

"Without further a-do..." was a phrase said on many occasions during ceremonies but there may be further say so if Rhode Island has the final decision. Last month the small but quaint New England state and its officials had decided to stop the gathering of large events this summer in their town.

It was deemed not possible by any means due to health conditions and social distancing to have the Induction. The ATP tour doesn't want to see any more tournament or event disruptions and are trying to come up with ideas on having the induction ceremonies.

"I don't think any tennis will be played this season," many players and tennis community members had sadly mentioned as events were shelved one behind the other. The Hall of Fame Induction in Newport, Rhode Island is scheduled to take place July 18.

It isn't linked with any ATP official decisions but it was decided that by the middle of May a final conclusion will be made if it will happen or not. Goran Ivanisevic and Conchita Martinez are the inductees, both of which humbly are glad to be chosen.

"This is a huge honor. I am proud...to become the first ever...from Croatia, Ivanisevic had said. Martinez will join five of her fellow Spaniard tennis comrades with the great induction. "Becoming a Hall of Famer is such a great honor.

To be remembered as part of tennis history and among...so many of whom I have always admired is really special and I'm grateful..." she commented. Ivanisevic and Martinez together have earned over 50 singles titles together and was chosen to be inducted purely by the fans of the game.

"..We're glad to see that so many tennis fans have embraced Fan Voting as a means to...stay connected with tennis greats beyond their playing days," Todd Martin, CEO of the International Tennis Hall of Fame was happy to say.

Stan Smith, president of the International Tennis Hall of Fame and a member of the Class of 1987 in the Hall of Fame is equally proud of this year's recipients. "We are thrilled to welcome Goran Ivanisevic and Conchita Martinez to the Hall of Fame.

Between their accomplishments on court and the way they've represented themselves...they are undoubtedly among the best of the best in tennis..." The Newport, Rhode Island event of July 17-19 doesn't only involve the Induction, but a Hall of Fame Open Singles and Doubles Final, a dinner and luncheon as well as a Women's Tennis Exhibition Match.

This special event as all tournaments are once a year but the Induction of its nominees is a once in a lifetime extravaganza. Everyone in the tennis community whether directly involved or not is hoping that the disastrous coronavirus which has ravaged the country has diminished considerably for the event to happen.

There is only a few weeks left for the decision to be made if the spectacular event will happily transpire or sadly will be postponed by way of how the other tennis events have resulted.