Rios: If people who didn't respect the quarantine were killed, no one would do it

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Rios: If people who didn't respect the quarantine were killed, no one would do it

Marcelo Rios' latest statements are extremely shocking. The former Chilean number 1 of the ATP ranking seems to support the idea of ​​the Philippine dictator Duterte.
"I don't know what kind of government this country has, but I'm sure that by killing the two guys who didn't respect the quarantine, nobody else would do it.

Attention, it is my personal thought: I think that when things get out of hand, you have to use a hard methods." These are the words of Marcelo Rios on Instagram. The Philippine dictator is Rodrigo Duterte: a few weeks ago he had invited the police to shoot to kill anyone who violated the quarantine imposed by the coronavirus emergency.

Rios is famous both for his victories (18 ATP titles and the 1998 Australian Open final lost against Petr Korda) and for his behavior outside the court. His relationship with a part of the crowds was never very successful.

On several occasions he refused to sign autographs, while in general he appreciated little of the press conferences. On one occasion he answered all questions posed by journalists using monosyllables; in another, when the Chilean president invited him to his Palace to celebrate the first position in the ATP ranking and asked him to say a few words for his fans, he replied No, I don't want to say anything.

Rios commented the Wimbledon tournament saying that the grass was for cows and for football but not for tennis. He was arrested in Rome after hitting a taxi driver with a punch and resisting the police who arrived on the spot, and was also expelled from several public places because of excessive and vulgar attitudes compared to other customers.

No se que tipo de gobierno tiene este país,pero es cosa de matar a dos tipos que no respeten, y estoy seguro que ningún hueon mas se hace el lindo, ojo que es mi pensamiento personal creo que cuando las cosas se salen de las manos, hay que poner mano dura.

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