Renzo Furlan: Jannik Sinner is a natural phenomenon, one who is born for tennis

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Renzo Furlan: Jannik Sinner is a natural phenomenon, one who is born for tennis

Former Top 20 player Renzo Furlan says Italian youngster Jannik Sinner is a natural phenomenon, who was one born to play tennis. The 49 year old won 2 ATP titles in his career (Casablanca and San Jose in 1994) and also reached the quarter-finals of the Roland Garros in 1995, during his career spoke to Corriere dell'Alto Adige in an interview.

Speaking of the 18 year old Sinner, Furlan says. “Riccardo is perfect for growing and refining Sinner. I was not a predestined talent and I reached the top with my work and competitive hunger, while Sinner is a natural phenomenon, one who is born for tennis " .

Furlan says that Sinner has all the qualities on one of the strongest players on the tour but added that his talent does not guarantee success. "He has excellent technical qualities, the strokes, the power of the ball, the mobility and speed of his legs.

He is the absolute strongest tennis player potentially among the under 20s . It will be up to him to confirm the enormous expectations. In the circuit, he has long been considered the heir of Federer, Nadal, Djokovic, Murray.

This does not mean that he will become that.. the career of a tennis player is dotted with many variables, physical and mental " Furlan says Sinner is as talented as Nick Kyrgios but is mentally stronger than the Aussie tennis star.

"The most striking example is Kyrgios , who a few years ago was the best emerging talent, yet he has not yet broken through among the very top. The management aspect makes the difference. But Sinner is not Kyrgios. He has the same talent but a different mental predisposition and a different head.

He is a balanced, solid, stable boy who wants to win and is already more mature than his 18 years. Sinner, in a certain sense, is educated to win, he feels the awareness and responsibility of himself since he was 13 years old " Sinner is currently ranked No.

73 in the world, just five spots below his career best ranking of No. 68 he achieved in February 2020. In 2019, he qualified for his first Grand Slam by winning three matches at the US Open qualifying tournament. He became the youngest male tennis player in 5 years to reach the semifinal of an ATP tournament in Antwerp and became the third and youngest winner of NextGen, after beating Alex de Minaur.