Gabriela Sabatini: I am proud of who that person was

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Gabriela Sabatini: I am proud of who that person was

1990 US Open champion Gabriela Sabatini turns 50 years old on May 16th and in an interview with the Argentine daily La Nacion, Gaby Saby, as she was famously known, says she is proud of Sabatini, the player and the athlete.

Sabatini was among the biggest stars of the game in the second half of the 1980's and the first half of the 1990s. She was inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame in 2006. During her interview with La Nacion, Sabatini was asked what she would say to Sabatini, the tennis player today.

"I have nothing more to say than I am proud of who that person was, of everything she left behind those years, everything she gave for tennis "Well, if we go into detail, it may be that the defeats do not feel as if they were the end of the world.

More than anything, it should be something positive and not negative, because when I lost I didn't want to know anything about anything and I think that I demanded too much of myself many times and that played against me.

I would try to take it a little easier, I would try from the beginning to find other things to do. I had started doing it more in the end and it helped me to take off a lot of pressure, have other entertainment, or know that simple things can be done in life too.

I would try to include that more in tennis earlier" Sabatini says she loves being active and playing sports even now at the age of 50 - one of the reasons she still looks so stunning. "Everything that has to do with sports I love, it makes me feel good.

I also feel it as a ground wire, as I need it, not only physically but also mentally. Starting the day that way already gives me another energy. It makes me feel good. It is already part of my life. The Argentine, who has a global perfume business now, also spoke about getting re-acquainted with tennis in 2015 when she was offered the chance to play her rival and friend Monica Seles at Madison Square Garden.

"I had been offered to play at Madison the previous year, I was not ready, I did not play. I think it had been three or four years that I had not played and had rejected the proposal, but I had a bit idea, more than anything because it was about going back to Madison, New York.

When they asked me again, I thought about it a little and said, "Ok, I promise to do it, I'm going to start training." "I trained four months before the game. I had been left with a feeling a bit like not enjoying tennis as much and in those months I enjoyed it again as when I was a girl.

Even [at the end of my career] it was a bit difficult for me to serve and there I felt so, so good, hitting the shots, so comfortable. Because I tried to take it easy. I always take things very seriously. "I said, "If I don't feel like training one day, I don't."

I didn't train with tennis every day, I did it every other day. Because physical activity, I always did and never stopped doing, which was an advantage. Otherwise, it would have cost me much more. "So I started talking to Monica, I went to her again, we trained together.

The process was all very nice. And the day of Madison, being there again, had changed a lot, it seemed like another place, but I really enjoyed it. The process was all very nice."