Medvedev: Winning a Slam is difficult with Roger Federer, Djokovic & Rafael Nadal

Tennis - Medvedev also speaks on his coach Gilles Cervara and his US Open loss to Nadal

by Prakash
Medvedev: Winning a Slam is difficult with Roger Federer, Djokovic & Rafael Nadal

Former World No. 5 Daniil Medvedev, of Russia, was on the Instagram live chat with We are Tennis recently where he spoke about several topics including his coach, his love for France and his US Open final defeat from 2019. The Russian says he has been working together with his coach, Gilles Cervara for a long time and the two do have their good days and bad days.

"I have been training with him for three years, and otherwise of course I have been working with him at the training center for six years. We have a good relationship, we can say that we are friends in private. We spend a lot of time together, so it's normal to have arguments and good times." The Russian also spoke about the incident at this year's Open 13 when Cervara left the stands during Medvedev's match against Italian Jannik Sinner.

"There were several reasons for this ... Already, I was not at all well at the time. And he too had some problems. With our two strong temperaments, it happened. I think we exaggerated, but it happens. " The Russian says he has a strong relationship with France, which has given him a lot of things.

"Of course at first it was hard, I didn't speak too much French. I had no friends, they were all in Moscow, I could have moments of sadness or nostalgia. But now I've been in France for six years, I speak French. I'm more Russian than French of course, but if I had to have a second country, it would be France.

I learn a lot, and the language gives me a lot of good references." Medvedev was then asked which among the Next Gen players will be the first to life a Grand Slam singles trophy. "It depends on when we resume . For example if we resume at Roland-Garros, we can say that it will be very difficult to have a new champion.

After that I can't speak for the other NextGen, but my goal is to give my maximum, to win my matches. In Grand Slam you have to win seven matches, it's still difficult, especially with the three (Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal) who are still up there.

But we make our matches, we try . " Finally, on his US Open final against Rafael Nadal, Medvedev says, "It was a great game, I was very disappointed with my loss because I don't like to lose. A lot of people contacted me to compliment me, to tell me that I was the real winner, which I didn't really don’t like it, because if it did, I’d already have a Grand Slam.

But it doesn’t happen to me that I get to the bottom of the hole after a defeat. You have to keep working to be better. I try to be myself as much as possible, I try to stay with myself and not necessarily say what the world wants to hear. It's easier like that."

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