Post 50, Gabriela Sabatini's future plans could include a Cafe Gaby

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Post 50, Gabriela Sabatini's future plans could include a Cafe Gaby

Former World No. 3 Gabriela Sabatini says she may open her own cafe in the future as she is very passionate about coffee. The Argentine legend celebrated her 50th birthday on May 16th but continues to remain active off the courts, nearly twenty-five years after her retirement.

Speaking to the WTA Tour, Sabatini says, "I discovered my passion for coffee, for the coffee world. I took a course in Switzerland about coffee. I bought a nice machine. I like the whole concept of coffee it's a whole world, good coffee."

"Once you start discovering the good coffee, the good quality coffee, the specialty coffee which these days you find a lot of them. When I go to New York, even in Argentina, in Switzerland, every time I see new places for specialty coffee.

"I just love the concept of going to a coffee place. I could stay for hours. And also, I like making the coffee. I like to practice. I have a coffee machine and I like to practice and practice and try to make the perfect coffee.

There's so many little details in coffee that you need to learn. But I still need to take more courses. But I would like to keep improving and get to know even more. But yeah, I spend a lot of time with that." When asked if there was a chance she would open a Cafe Gaby, the Argentine says, "Well, you never know [laughs].

In the back of my mind it's there. Why not? When the right moment comes it might happen." The 1990 US Open champion says a lot of her time is also taken up by her perfume business and keeping active by playing a lot of sports.

"I still have my perfumes, which, I've been working with perfume for more than 30 years now. From all the perfumes to the packaging and everything. "There are always things that I keep myself entertained. I still do a lot of sports.

I run, cycling, I swim. I work out every day. It's like my day cannot start without doing some workout. I feel like it's my time to kind of let it all out and I need it. I feel great when I do it. "I participate still in things with sports events with the Olympic Committee, some events that they do. So I like to still be involved with sports in general."