Belinda Bencic: I feel the break is good for my body


Belinda Bencic: I feel the break is good for my body
Belinda Bencic: I feel the break is good for my body

Swiss tennis star Belinda Bencic says the current break from the pandemic is good for her body and that she has also been able to learn new hobbies in an interview to BLICK. The 23 year old is spending the quarantine with Martin Hromkovic, who is her boyfriend and her fitness trainer.

"After Indian Wells, we actually wanted to stay in the USA for a long time and train there. Then we changed our minds overnight. My parents returned to Switzerland and I flew to Slovakia with my friend. I decided that I would go to Bratislava with Martin (Hromkovic) - otherwise we would have been away from each other too long.

He is also my fitness trainer. It is important that I work on my condition with him, especially now that there are no tournaments. If I didn't do anything during the break, everything would hurt more later." Bencic says she has also resumed playing tennis a few times in a week.

"We have been allowed to play outside here for two or three weeks. I train one hour a day three or four times a week. Fortunately, the weather has been so good lately, we are not allowed to go indoors yet. The Swiss player spoke about her new hobbies during the current lockdown.

"Yes, I started cooking and baking intensively. I used to have to call my mom for every dish and ask how to do it. Now I can do it perfectly, I'm really proud of it! I particularly like beef dishes with vegetables or salad and pasta.

I prefer to bake. My parade dessert is brownies, strudel and Slovak pastries I've already made - baking is very popular here. When Martin's grandmother brings us something sweet, it always tastes fantastic. The kitchen here is great!

I feel that the break is good for my body. All ailments are healed and funnily enough, I become more and more mobile without the strain of top sports. When I played again for the first time, the level was not so great, but I got back in quickly.

Because there are no tournaments for a long time, I'm actually very relaxed. I want to maintain my basic shape and get the muscles used to sport. It is also important that the cornea remains on the hands. Fortunately, I still have the calluses (laughs).

Belinda Bencic