Roberto Bautista Agut reveals what keeps him motivated

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Roberto Bautista Agut reveals what keeps him motivated

Spanish tennis star Roberto Bautista Agut says his competitiveness keeps him motivated even during tough times, on and off the court, and has helped him become the player he has so far. Speaking to the ATP Tour website, the World No.

12 says, "What keeps me motivated is my competitiveness. I’m very competitive both as an athlete and person. I’m always trying to improve and win, adding minor details to my game, because it’s a feeling I love.

I’m also aware of my main strengths and the foundations of my game, one should never lose them. I fought all my life to play in a Davis Cup final, so to return after a few days away and have the support of [captain] Sergi Bruguera and the whole team, made my decision easy.

I work a lot at home, I keep a very healthy lifestyle. I give my all for the sport, working hard and keeping healthy to compete at a very high level and live the best moments of my career”. Bautista Agut has been through some difficult times such as the death of his father last year during the week of the Davis Cup in Madrid but says the support of his wife has really helped him.

“I’ve been through very difficult times, it’s been a really tough experience. They have taught me a lot about life. Tennis helped me to have a free mind, as I was very focused on my job as much as I could, so to not be thinking all the time about the problems I had back home.

Tennis has been my escape, my help to deal with everything that happened in the best possible way”. "Ana has helped me a lot. Right after starting our relationship my dad had his accident. Ana has always been by my side and supported me.

She gave me a bigger perspective and our wedding day was incredible. I’d never imagined how a wedding could be; but being together with all the people we love made it very special. It was an unforgettable moment and one of the best parties of my life.

“We have some animals: dogs, horses and all live together… We love them. Maybe I love them more, but Ana has to accept it! We live in calm, together at home. I have been traveling for a long time [Bautista Agut turned pro in 2005] and I’ve spent a lot of time in hotels, so when I’m at home I relax”.

The Spaniard says his goal is to qualify for the next edition of the Nitto ATP finals, whether it is held this year or the next year. “It is one of the goals I would like to achieve before retiring. I know how difficult it is, I know that I have been very close some seasons. It’s not something I’m obsessed about, but it remains a goal I’d like to achieve some day."