Berrettini: No player should be put in position of helping another player financially

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Berrettini: No player should be put in position of helping another player financially

Italian tennis star Matteo Berrettini says that the responsibility to help lower ranked players during the current tennis shutdown should lie with the governing bodies of tennis and not with the players themselves. The ATP tour had set up a player relief fund and World No.

1 Novak Djokovic has urged the higher ranked players to contribute to the fund to support the lower ranked players in this initiative. Speaking to Eurosport Italy’s Call-azione show, Berrettini says, “I took a moment to reflect on my priorities, not because I don’t respect the other players, because I believe that no player - in any kind of sports - should be put in the position of helping another player financially."

“I think that this responsibility belongs to the federations, ITF, ATP, WTA... they are the ones who make tournaments happen, and us, the players, pay them back with our performances. “They have to take care of us.

The real problem is deeper”. The game's governing bodies have said they have raised over $6 million to help the lower-level players during the current shutdown. Berrettini is the second top player to say he does not support the idea of players contributing to the fund after World No.

3 Dominic Thiem. The Italian says, "We need to invest money in a different way in order to help lower-ranked players. Personally, I prefer to help other more specific causes. “I spoke with Djokovic and he told me ‘don’t worry Matteo, the donation is not mandatory.

It’s something that you can agree on if you feel like it. If you prefer to buy masks for hospitals like Spallanzani or helping families in need, I respect you’. “That’s an important message, it should be spread outside of our players’ circle”.