David Goffin: It is difficult to regain motivation without a start date

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David Goffin: It is difficult to regain motivation without a start date

World No. 10 David Goffin, of Belgium, says it is difficult to find the motivation to train currently since the return of the tour remains uncertain, during an interview to the RTL website. Goffin recently began training after almost two months confined at home when he wasn't able to play tennis.

"It is difficult to regain motivation. You have to wait a bit to find it and be able to train on the track or physically. The most difficult thing is to make a plan or a program without having dates. We do not know if we have to rest or train hard, or harder still, but we don't have to get burnt out because we don't know when the competition will come back and that's difficult at the moment.

" "I have returned to training. For two weeks now I have been training with the ball. It is good because it has been seven or eight weeks since I took a racket. Physically, I have been training so everything is going well.

I am happy to be able to play. During the confinement I had a program that my physical trainer sent me to do at home alone and with the material that I had. " Goffin says it would be some time before the international tournaments resume.

"The competition will not come back soon, it will still take time for there to be official games. You have to be patient to recover the adrenaline of the games and the atmosphere of the public." The 29 year old Goffin has been ranked as high as No. 7 in the world.