Bernard Giudicelli: French Open will take place in 2020

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Bernard Giudicelli: French Open will take place in 2020

Bernard Giudicelli, the President of the French Tennis Federation (FFT), says the French Open Grand Slam tournament will take place in 2020, during an interview to Franceinfo. Giudicelli commented, "Last year, at this time, we saw our young people shine in the qualifications and we approached the draw.

But at the same time, we say that we saved the tournament, the tournament is still alive and it will take place this year in 2020, in any case we are doing everything for it." Giudicelli says they are still uncertain about the exact date of the event - whether it would be September 20 or 27.

"The choice of date gives rise to regular discussions with all international bodies, ATP, the WTA, the International Tennis Federation too. We are working on finalizing a calendar for the end of the season again. It is still a bit early to announce the final date", while adding that the date would be decided soon.

The FFT President also says that holding the event behind closed doors, without fans, is the last option for them. "This is really the last option, it is the one that would be decided just before the revelation. So, this is not at all our priority.

I think we can, without showing too much optimism, we can be determined and resolute, above all methodical, and work to ensure that the tournament takes place in the best conditions." The French Open was moved from its usual date in the calendar in end May to end of September due to the current pandemic by the French Tennis Federation.