Carbonell on the G.O.A.T.: If I have to rely on Grand Slam titles I say Roger Federer

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Carbonell on the G.O.A.T.: If I have to rely on Grand Slam titles I say Roger Federer

Retired Spanish tennis player Tomas Carbonell, who won 2 ATP singles titles and 22 ATP doubles titles during his career, was asked about the best tennis player in history in a recent interview on Spanish radio with David Sánchez and the Spaniard responded by saying, "If I have to rely on Grand Slam titles I say Federer, but Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic are very close ..."

Tomas Carbonell says Roger Federer is the GOAT based on number of Slams

Federer has won 20 Grand Slam singles titles in his career, with Nadal closely behind at 19 Grand Slam singles titles and Djokovic at 17 Grand Slam singles titles.

The 51 year old Carbonell also adds that he does not see tennis resuming in early August. "The Grand Slams are closer to being played because they have the ability to exert more pressure. ATP tournaments have it more complicated.

The ATP has insisted on keeping the calendar as it was, but I see it practically impossible to resume on August 1" Carbonell also says that it is very difficult to imagine tennis being played without fans behind closed doors.

"I can't imagine tennis without people. A tennis match is the atmosphere and the people. All sports would lose without an audience, but tennis even more" Finally, on the controversial Aussie tennis star Nick Kyrgios, Carbonell says that he does enjoy watching the highlights of Kyrgios.

"I criticize Kyrgios a lot, but then I see and really enjoy his highlights" Roger Federer is a 20 time Grand Slam champion. He underwent knee surgery in February and had planned to skip all events till June prior to the tennis shutdown.

Federer has said that he plans to play next year as well. Federer has won a record eight Wimbledon men's singles titles, six Australian Open titles, five US Open titles, and one French Open title. He is one of eight men to have achieved a Career Grand Slam.

He has reached a record 31 men's singles Grand Slam finals. He was also part of Switzerland's winning Davis Cup team in 2014 and is also the only player after Jimmy Connors to have won 100 or more career singles titles.