Roger Federer is the richest of 2019!

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Roger Federer is the richest of 2019!

What could be the 2019 king of earnings if not Roger Federer? Tennis is said to be a sport for richests, but for some tennis players, few really, you can become a rich player. It is true that you need a good budget to get started: buy equipment, pay for a coach, an athletic trainer and travel all over the world.

But once you join the tennis elite, the Game generates much higher earnings than the costs. The prize money reserved for those who win tournaments or make excellent placements are further increased by pharaonic sponsorships and numerous commercial partnerships.

For years, the American magazine Forbes has drawn up the list of the ten highest paid tennis players of the year. The last available list is the one that frames the situation until 1 June 2019, making a combined calculation of the prizes deriving from their victories in the field and from the earnings linked to sponsorships and partnerships.

The dominator of the list, for the fourteenth consecutive year, was Roger Federer, who last year set a new record for a tennis player with $ 93.4 million in earnings until June 1.

Below is the ranking updated by Forbes magazine

Roger Federer Total Earnings: $ 93.4 million
Prize money: $ 7.4 million
Sponsors: $ 86 million Novak Djokovic Total Earnings: $ 50.6 million
Prize money: $ 20.6 million
Sponsors: $ 30 million Kei Nishikori Total Earnings: $ 37.3 million
Prize money: $ 4.3 million
Sponsors: $ 33 million Rafael Nadal Total Earnings: $ 35 million
Prize money: $ 9 million
Sponsors: $ 26 million Serena Williams Total Earnings: $ 29.2 million
Prize money: $ 4.2 million
Sponsors: $ 25 million Naomi Osaka Total Earnings: $ 24.3 million
Prize money: $ 8.3 million
Sponsors: $ 16 million Alexander Zverev Total Earnings: $ 11.8 million
Prize money: $ 6.3 million
Sponsors: $ 5.5 million Angelique Kerber Total Earnings: $ 11.3 million
Prize money: $ 5.3 million
Sponsors: $ 6 million Simona Halep Total Earnings: $ 10.2 million
Prize money: $ 6.2 million
Sponsors: $ 4 million Sloan Stephens Total Earnings: $ 9.6 million
Prize money: $ 4.1 million
Sponsors: $ 5.5 million As we can see, Roger Federer dominates this particular list, getting a truly incredible annual calculated profit, adding up all three values of prize money and sponsors.