Eugenie Bouchard: Everyone has haters. It means you stood up for something in life

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Eugenie Bouchard: Everyone has haters. It means you stood up for something in life

Former World No. 5 Eugenie Bouchard, of Canada, says she avoids reading negative comments about her on social media as it is a waste of time. The Canadian was speaking to CNN Sport’s Amanda Davies in an Instagram Live chat.

The former Wimbledon finalist has been quite active on social media and has received a lot of criticism for the same even as her ranking has slipped out of the Top 300.

Eugenie Bouchard says you shouldn't worry about trolls

During the interview, Eugenie Bouchard says, "There’s a lot of positive out there.

And I realise that everybody has haters. It means you stood up for something in your life, it means you’ve done something in your life. Try to take it as a reverse-compliment and just realise it’s someone who maybe has their own issues or is mean or negative and you shouldn’t worry about someone like that.

You shouldn’t worry about their opinion, so I really try to take a step back from it and not take it personally. It’s only natural for someone my age to be active on social media. Why it is such a big deal? I think the most important thing is to not hate back.

To accept it for what it is and understand that it’s more of a reflection of them and how they’re feeling and not that you’re a horrible person. It’s hard because there’s so much negativity out there”.

Bouchard also spoke about her virtual date with comedian Bob Menery, who agreed to donate AU$6,600 to charity in exchange for a date with Bouchard, and the pair had their virtual first date last week. When asked on the show, if the two would go out on a second date, Bouchard says, "Calm down guys!

You can’t act too eager. You have to play it cool. “Maybe I’ll say I’m busy, give it say another week, even though we have nothing to do. I agreed to a live date so when things are possible and somehow our schedules overlap, we will go on a second date, but a first real date.

We’ll see where that goes”. 26 year old Eugenie Bouchard became the first Canadian-born player representing Canada to reach the final of a Grand Slam tournament in singles at the 2014 Wimbledon Championships, finishing runner-up to Petra Kvitova. She also reached the semifinals of the 2014 Australian Open and 2014 French Open.