Mary Pierce: Being inducted into the Hall of Fame is such an honor & such a privilege

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Mary Pierce: Being inducted into the Hall of Fame is such an honor & such a privilege

Former World No. 3 Mary Pierce says that being inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame last year was a very humbling experience as well as an honour and privilege. The Frenchwoman was speaking on the “Hall of Fame Live,” as the International Tennis Hall of Fame's series continued via Facebook Live.

Mary Pierce talks about her induction into the Hall of Fame last year

Pierce, who won 2 Grand Slam singles titles in her career, says, "Your whole career is being recognized as one of the greatest players in the history of the game.

That’s really super humbling, and really mind-blowing, and such an honor and such a privilege."
The Frenchwoman is currently at home in Florida during the tennis shutdown and says she hopes they would be in Paris later this year.

"Normally we’d be in Paris right now, at the French Open, but I’m at home in Florida and we’re celebrating it a different way. It’s very interesting to be doing it this way. Hopefully, we’ll be in Paris later in the year for Roland Garros."

The former French Open champion also spoke about her experience winning the tournament in 2000. "It’s a whole other level, because growing up I was watching the French Open, that was the tournament to play, the tournament to win -- it was my dream!

Playing as a French player, with the crowd all behind you, and feeling their support, and living those moments. The most powerful and strongest emotions you could possibly live on the tennis court is playing your home Grand Slam on center court with a packed crowd.

Winning the French Open, for me, was the most amazing experience in my tennis career because that’s when my dream came true. Living that with the fans made it that much more special." 45 year old Mary Pierce has won four Grand Slam titles: two in singles, one in doubles and one in mixed doubles.

In singles, she won the 1995 Australian Open and the 2000 French Open titles and she is the last French player, male or female, to win the French Open singles title.