Nadal has retired, panic on the web!

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Nadal has retired, panic on the web!

A news which appeared on internet sent Rafael Nadal's fans and the whole world of tennis into panic: it was not a hoax, only a misunderstanding, because the news did not concern the Spanish champion, but another Nadal, the racehorse trained by Bob Baffert.

According to the Louisville Courier-Journal Nadal officially retired from racing Thursday after a condylar fracture was found in its left front leg. Nadal was the leader of the Kentucky Derby qualifying points in Baffert. The horse made over $ 1 million in four races and it was always regarded as one of the best runners at the Derby and at the Belmont Stakes.

Who is Nadal the racehorse

At the beginning of the month Nadal was the great protagonist of the Arkansas Derby, defeating the competitors and hitting a great goal. Then the injury: "He got a very serious injury today, and he's fine now.

We’re lucky. We got four great races out of him. The good news is the injury was found, right? It could have been catastrophic,” said co-owner George Bolton in an interview. Social media was overwhelmed by a wave of panic, considering how much Rafael Nadal is one of the most loved tennis players and sportsmen in the world.

A lot of messages arrived from Twitter, Instagram and Facebook from insiders and supporters who, obviously, reading the news must have thought about the sensational retirement of Rafael Nadal, but it was only an incredible misunderstanding, because the Spaniard is ready to come back on the court to assault on new titles, starting with the US Open and the Roland Garros.

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