Will the US Open men's singles be played as best-of-three sets?

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Will the US Open men's singles be played as best-of-three sets?

In the coming weeks, the future of the American tennis season will be decided and, therefore, there will also be news about the US Open 2020. There are many hypotheses regarding the tournament and the main topic concerns the measures to be taken for one of the most important events in the world of tennis that is held annually, in Flushing Meadows.

USTA Chief Executive Stacey Allaster talked about the situation in a telephone interview with AP. "The situation is still in progress, we have not yet decided entirely," explained Allaster, opening up a solution that would be very controversial.

"We are 150% focused on keeping the Billie Jean King Tennis Center tournament on our dates. We are considering the idea of ​​playing in another city and on another date but for now it is not our priority (in many thought of Indian Wells as a location to replace New York - ed.).

US Open men's singles to the best of the three sets?

"The men's singles at the best of the three sets? This option has been debated. If the players believe that it is the best way, then we will take it into consideration but we will not decide unilaterally.

In the matches there could be a reduction of the line judges while for the role of ball boy there should be only adults," she said in the interview. To protect the greetings of players and professionals, USTA is also thinking about the creation of locker rooms in the indoor courts and a system that ensures better air ventilation, but the presence of the crowd is increasingly under discussion.

"Less and less likely," said Lew Sherr. "There will therefore be no revenue for tickets, hospitality and part of the sponsors, but the remaining contracts remain significant from an economic point of view."

There is another important factor to consider. If the US Open will be officially confirmed for the scheduled dates, starting from 24 August 2020, this would mean that one week after the end of the tournament (13 September 2020), the Roland Garros 2020 will start (from 20 September 2020).

In between, (from 13 to 20 September) at least another clay tournament between Madrid and Rome, with some top-players who will be forced to choose whether to play in Flushing Meadows or go directly to Paris. The US Open 2020 is still an open construction site: among the hypotheses of a change of location, the men's singles at the best of the three sets and the trend of the pandemic in the USA, the fans hope to be able to see their favorites players like Roger Federer and Serena Williams competing in the New York Slam.