ATP Tour apologizes for offensive tweet related to the LGBTQ+ Community

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ATP Tour apologizes for offensive tweet related to the LGBTQ+ Community

The men's Association of Tennis Professionals apologized on Sunday after sharing a Tik Tok that asked players if they would describe themselves as “sissies”.

The ATP Tour apologises for a retweet on its Twitter account

In its apology message, the ATP Tour tweeted, "We would like to apologise for an ill-judged retweet over the weekend, which contained offensive language to the LGBTQ+ community and was subsequently deleted.

Such language has no place in today’s society or the inclusive environment that we strive for in our sport,” the ATP said on its Twitter feed. The apology came after the social media team at the ATP shared a Tik Tok video asking people how they would describe themselves as tennis players - with the options being “the moaner,” “the grunter,” “the angry player” and “the sissy”.

The tweet has since been deleted.

With no tennis going on currently, the ATP Tour has been trying to engage with fans during the current lockdown regularly through some interactive content, except that they got it wrong this time.

Jonathan Newman, a tennis podcaster, tweeted after the apology, recognising the ATP for making an apology but said more should be done by them in the future. “Good start! Next step: build on this with some Pride month content that will demonstrate the inclusive environment you’re striving for.

The ATP Tour has historically treated its legions of LGBT fans as if we don’t exist. Time to fix that!” The incident came just before the start of LGBT pride month, which takes places throughout June. While several followers of the ATP Tour on Twitter commented that the post was 'not acceptable', many others thanked the organisation for publicly apologising for its mistake. The ATP Tour is a worldwide top-tier tennis tour for men organized by the Association of Tennis Professionals.