Daria Kasatkina supports Roger Federer's merger idea: I think it's a good idea

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Daria Kasatkina supports Roger Federer's merger idea: I think it's a good idea

Former World No. 10 Daria Kasatkina says she has no issues with playing tournaments or Grand Slams without any fans when the tour resumes, during an interview to Stats Platform. Currently, all tennis tournaments have been suspended till the end of July and the earliest that the tour could resume would be in early August.

Speaking to Stats Platform, Kasatkina says, "It's going to be completely different, especially at grand slams and in night sessions on the big courts, it will lose its energy. At the same time, at least if we can play the tournament without spectators, for me it's fine.

Yes it's different but to play a tournament and a slam, it doesn't matter spectators or no spectators. As I think Marin Cilic said, it will be different to win a grand slam without spectators there, which is true. At least it will be very special and it will stay in the history forever."

Daria Kasatkina says playing without fans would be different but she would be fine with it​

"For the moment, Roland Garros looks very positive. I think Roland Garros will happen and they want to do it with spectators, which is really good.

It's different to play with spectators, that's for sure. The US Open, of course everyone wants to play and I wish to play the US Open – it's such a special tournament – but I'm not that sure because the situation in the United States is still shaky.

The main thing is travelling. If it's going to happen, it's going to be very good. I'll be very happy." Speaking about playing the French Open tournament so close after the US Open, Kasatkina says, "It's going to be an interesting experience, especially to change the surface and the time so much.

At least between Roland Garros and Wimbledon there is one month, but at least it's in one part of the world. If it's like this, players have to accept it. I'll be happy, even if it's going to be like this. The 23 year old Kasatkina is currently ranked No.

66 in the world and says she also supports the idea of the merger between the ATP & WTA Tours. "I think it would be good to work together because it's much easier to do something with one structure than two structures like the situation we have now.

It's easier to promote tennis as a big tour, not like men's or women's tennis. It was a little bit surprising especially from Roger Federer on Twitter. But I think it's a good idea. Why not be together? It's better."

23 year old Daria Kasatkina has won two WTA titles in singles as well as one in doubles. She reached the final of the Indian Wells event in 2018 where she lost to Japan's Naomi Osaka and won the Kremlin Cup in 2018.