Giudicelli: "At the Roland Garros 2020 with the crowd"

Bernard Giudicelli is still optimistic: "Roland Garros will be in September"

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Giudicelli: "At the Roland Garros 2020 with the crowd"

Bernard Giudicelli is always optimistic about the 2020 French Open edition: "In September there will be the Roland Garros," he said during a live on Twitch with Gael Monfils. Currently the Parisian Slam is scheduled from September 20 to October 4 2020, after the postponement unilateral decision took by the tournament organizers to preserve the Slam following the spread of the global pandemic across Europe.

A choice that was controversial and which, given its new location, could interfere with the choices of tennis players who will have to play the US Open in New York, which will end a week before Paris. With only one week in the middle to change from hard-courts to clay-courts.

Giudicelli talked about the tournament and some choices that could be made according to the evolution of the pandemic. The most important concerns the presence or absence of the crowd at Roland Garros Stadium. The presence of the crowd in the courts is, to date, one of the greatest unknowns in post 31 July 2020.

The same dilemma of the US Open and all the other tournaments that should be played from 1 August until the end of the season. There are those who, like the Italian Open board, are trying in every way to organize the tournament, also hoping in the presence of the crowd in order to not lose the revenue from the tickets sold.

At the Roland Garros 2020 there will be the crowd, albeit with due precautions

The reopening towards the crowd, according to Giudicelli, remains possible, although subject to limitations: "It is my favorite hypothesis. Playing without crowds would represent a path that I am not passionate about.

We will clearly adapt to the provisions of the French government which will take the final decision, but I believe that the enlargement of the spaces in the system and the provision of spacing and security measures may allow a controlled influx of spectators.

A narrow gauge Roland Garros to protect the players and the crowd." We remind you that the sale of tickets for the original dates has been canceled, with the preparation of refunds. The final organizational decisions on the autumn edition will trigger the sale of new tickets, probably online.

The presence of the ceowd on the stands would be a great conquest for tennis, after all that has happened in these last dramatic weeks, but obviously it will be a choice made with common sense, without thinking exclusively about the economic budget, despite the fact that it is one of the most serious problems that is afflicting the Game.

In the meantime, the Roland Garros' borad is offering all the possibilities and resources to be able to play the historic Slam in the best and most normal conditions possible, respecting the tennis players, the crowd and the safety measures.

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