Boris Becker: I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of becoming a coach again

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Boris Becker: I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of becoming a coach again

Former World No. 1 Boris Becker says he does not rule out a return to coaching on the tour in the future during an interview with Eurosport Germany’s Vocal Athletes podcast.

Boris Becker says he is open to coaching in the future

The six-time Grand Slam champion Boris Becker worked as a coach with current World No.

1 Novak Djokovic in the past for three years - during that time Djokovic won six Grand Slam singles titles. Since splitting with Djokovic, Becker has been the Head of Men’s tennis in Germany. "I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of becoming a coach again.

In the current situation, it’s not possible because I’m responsible for the men’s Team Germany. But nothing is eternal. If there are players who interest me, who allow me to coach so and want to be open with me, then that’s something I could definitely consider.

The problem is that it is very time-consuming. As a coach of Novak Djokovic, I spent 25 to 30 weeks with him. I have a family and I have other professional projects that I need to manage. But I don’t want to rule it out completely”.

Becker was among a number of former legends to be hired by top tennis players during the time that Novak Djokovic hired him. Roger Federer had also hired Stefan Edberg earlier. Rafael Nadal has another former World No. 1, Carlos Moya, as part of his coaching team.

Becker said that one of the reasons that he was able to help Djokovic was that he was honest and open with him, something that he would look for in any future player he worked with. The 52 year old Boris Becker has won three Wimbledons, two Australian Opens and one US Open Grand Slam title.

He also won five year-end championships, 13 Masters Series titles and an Olympic gold medal in doubles. After his retirement, he also worked in the field of poker and undertook some business ventures which did not go very successfully.

Becker worked with Novak Djokovic from the 2014-2016 seasons as his coach. During their time together, Djokovic also won 14 Masters 1000 titles, besides his six Masters Series titles.